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Frank Ocean could face Lawsuit due to Release of "Blonde" album

news for Jan. 14, 2016
Lawrence Phillips Is Dead in Suspected Suicide in Prison
       Back in September we reported on Phillips so seeking out the help of the NFL to finance his defense.  Now less than 4 months later we are reporting on his death.
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UrbanStyle  news for Jan. 13, 2016
Fashion leaders Elle mag displays three women of color on its February issue
       Last year, only three women of color were featured on the magazine's cover for all of 2015, so they really stepped their game up with Chopra, Henson, and Davis each taking a cover for the special issue!
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UrbanStyle news for Jan. 13, 2016
.......Angela Simmons is in full "control"
       Angela Simmons is in full "control" as she is the face of the Winter 2016 Women of Style issue of Kontrol Magazine donning a burgundy leather jacket and flattering black leggings with flawless bundles to set it off. ..  for more

Multimedia news for Jan. 13, 2016
       Where's The Loyalty? "N.C." (Jameel "Chaos" Laboo) finds out his childhood friend "Hitta" (Roland Franklin) not only wants him dead, but wants his lifestyle. .. view the episode

Multimedia/Sports news for Jan. 13, 2016
Monte Irvin dies at 96; Hall of Famer had the chance to break baseball's color barrier
       Monte Irvin, a Negro leagues star who turned down a chance to break baseball's color barrier but went on to a Hall of Fame career with the New York Giants, ..  for more

Multimedia  news for Jan. 14, 2016
Showtime Releases Official Preview Of 'Michael Jackson's Journey From Motown to Off the Wall'
       Last week, it was announced that Michael Jackson's 1979 LP Off The Wall would be re-released along with Spike Lee's documentary "Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to 'Off the Wall". 
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UF ... Multimedia Article Archives for January 2016

Multimedia news for Jan. 12, 2016
Pharrell Williams Responds To Being Sued Over "OTHERtone" Apple Music Beats 1 Radio Show
       The producers of a 2012 web series, in which Pharrell starred, want to cancel his new OTHERtone radio show on Beats 1.
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Multimedia news for Jan. 12, 2016
MTV Apologizes For Racist Tweet About Eva Longoria And America Ferrera
       MTV Australia
is apologizing for a racist tweet about Eva Longoria and
America Ferrera that was sent during Sunday's 2016 Golden Globes
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Multimedia news 
for Jan. 11, 2016
There were many WTF moments at this years Golden Globe award show.
       The show itself looked awkward a large group of celebrities packed in a smaller venue like sardines... The ... for more

Multimedia news for Jan. 11, 2016
......Praise be to ...
Taraji P. Henson Defied the Odds With Golden Globe Win: I Could Have Been a Statistic...'Cookies for everyone tonight' she said .  .. for more

Multimedia news for Jan. 11, 2016
......Praise be to ...
Denzel what a body of work
When i first saw Denzel first, was in the film "A Solders story" and i said this guy is gonna be a legend. (UF) .. for more

Multimedia news for Jan. 11, 2016
.Facebook's campaign to offer free Internet to people in India is at risk of backfiring
       ... the regulator, which is considering whether the service is legal, says the messages of support are not helpful.
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Multimedia news 
for Jan. 10, 2016

......Partner of dead 'EastEnders' actress arrested
       British media reports say the partner of a former "EastEnders" actress who was murdered along with her two sons has been arrested in Ghana.
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Multimedia news for Jan. 11, 2016
.The Unauthorized StarWars Doc "Elstree1976" bought by FilmRise
       The film, which made its world premiere in October at the 2015 London Film Festival, explores the lives of the actors and extras behind the franchise.
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Multimedia  news 
for Jan. 10, 2016

......Sean Penn Makes First Appearance Following Controversial El Chapo Interview
       Sean Penn appeared Saturday night in Beverly Hills at his own fundraiser, yet didn't allude to the controversy that exploded just hours earlier pertaining to his published interview  ......  for more

Multimedia  news 
for Jan. 10, 2016

......ABC boss hints black 'Bachelor' might finally happen
       when asked that same question about a 'Black' Bachelor, yet again this year to ABC's entertainment boss, the response was somewhat encouraging ..    
 ......  for more

Multimedia  news for Jan. 10, 2016
......Thandie Newton blasts Starbucks over an offensive figurine: 
       Just days after an employee was publicly blasted for stealing the credit card number of a customer at a California location, Starbucks is in the middle of controversy once again........  for more  ....

Multimedia/news for Jan 8, 2016
......Kerry Washington Reveals Why She Was "Terrified"
to Play Anita Hill in HBO's biopic on the explosive 1991 Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination hearings,..
"Confirmation" . ... for more

Multimedia/Hiphop music news for Jan 8, 2016
......New Netflix Series "The Get Down" will shed light on 1970s NYC Pre-Hip Hop Era.
The creator of the Academy Award-winning Moulin Rouge! is returning to the musical front . ... for more

Multimedia news for Jan 8, 2016
......Reality starlet Tila Tequila making aburd Twitter Claims
a desperate reach of fame or justanother Twitter Rant !?! . ... for more

Style news for Jan 8, 2016
......Karrueche and ColourPop release new beauty line
a collection of vivid and vibrant cosmetic products based and produced in Southern California. ... for more

Multimedia for Jan. 7, 2016
...... Clay Aiken biting the hand that fed,.. SLAMS American Idol: What a Snoozefest!
In honor of its final season kicking off, American Idol brought back a few fan favorites on its Wednesday night premiere. Clay Aiken was not one of them.  ...   for more

Multimedia news for Jan. 7, 2016
...... Golden Globes Film Predictions 2016: Who Will Win, Who Should Win from The Wrap:
While "Spotlight" is wildly expected to make a statement in the upcoming award season check The Wrap's choice favorites in each category.  for more