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New Music - NinaSky - "Champion Lover"   
       “Champion Lover” is Nina Sky’s first label supported release since their 2004 self-titled debut album. Produced by Koil Preample and Vito Fun, Nicole and Natalie's R&B vocals float atop a tropical infused mid-tempo beat. A return to their early pop-friendly, dancehall riddim roots, 

Nina Sky, composed by twin sisters Natalie and Nicole Albino,was all the rage in the early 2000's, especially with their 2003 reggaeton collaboration with N.O.R.E.in "Oye Mi Canto" that put them on the map and with their hit single "Move Ya Body" released in 2004. Following their debut self-titled studio album in 2004, the duo released a 2010 EP titled "The Other Side" and a second studio album in 2012 called "Nicole & Natalie."
Following a three-years hiatus, where they worked on mixtapes, played gigs and embarked solo projects, the Puerto Rican sisters are back in the scene with a new EP titled "Brightest Gold." The album, which is inspired by love and their personal lives, will be released independently in the fall. "When you're signed with a major label there's so many people involved with what's going on," says Nicole to Vivala. "Now that we're independent, it's easier for us to just be Nicole and Natalie and for people to embrace who we really are."  ...  for more