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Frank Ocean could face Lawsuit due to Release of "Blonde" album

Pop music news for Nov 3, 2015
.......  Samsung Pays $25M To Sponsor Rihanna's Upcoming World Tour
       According to a New York Post exclusive, South Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung Electronics has apparently inked a multi-million dollar deal with pop sensation ... for more

R&B/Soul/Multimedia  news for Nov 4, 2015
.......K. Michelle speaks on removing BuTT enhancements - I want my normal shape back   for more

R&B music/Multimedia news for Nov 6, 2015
.......T-Boz Responds to Haterz Attacking TLC For Not Releasing Album Funded By Kickstarter [Ricky Smiley INTERVIEW] 
.......   for more  .....


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R&B/Soul music  news for Nov 7, 2015
.......Felicia Temple R&B, Indie Music, Felicia Temple, New Music Own It
       Last year, the New Jersey's Felicia Temple dropped her EP Bedroom Chronicles full of lustful gems. Now the sultry siren offers another one of her signature slow jams, this one called "Own It."
       for more. ....

Multimedia news for Nov 21, 2015.......Kandi Burruss re-launching her music label
A few days ago we posted a link to an Instapost from RHWOATL's Kandi Burress on their new acappella signee @TheBandLoud Kandi new signee doing an Ed Sheehan cover. Kandi speaks on the costs of getting back in the music label Biz.  ...  for more

Multimedia news for Nov 20, 2015
....... Adele not streaming "25"
       As Adele fans go wild with Twitter trending memes of crowds lining up to buy her album dropping today, (pic above) Adele's latest and highly anticipated album, "25," will not be available on music streaming services, according to an executive with knowledge of the release strategy.
       The NY Times which first reported the streaming decision on Thursday, said Adele was personally involved in making it.
Adele is one of a small number of A-list artists who can make potentially more money by foregoing sites like Spotify and Apple Music.
"Adele is an anomaly. If she decided to release her album on cassette tapes, it would still be the biggest album of the year," an industry source said.
       The music label has indicated to streaming executives that "25" will stay off Spotify-like services indefinitely, but that calculation could change in the coming months. ...  for more

R&B/Soul music/Multimedia news for Nov 19, 2015
.......New music from Toronto's soulful voice, A L L I E "Tundra"
       Ahead of her forthcoming EP Moonlust, Toronto singer A l l i e has released the new track "Tundra." heard exc on Fader.com
       A song about letting go-of a love that's seen it's best days, it features lush R&B production by Montreal's Da-P, and the achinging soulful voice of A l l i e, who's got the full-bodied voice of a soul singer.
       "This song is about leaving someone who you care for deeply," she explained in an email to The FADER. "Even though you still love them, you know you can't evolve within the confines of the relationship and you have to move on."
       There was a point in the soft spoken singers life that she doubted the EP wuld be released.. In a recent interview she voiced this thought
       "At a certain point I had given up on this EP," she explains from her home in Toronto. "I wasn't going to put it out. I had writers block for almost a year and everything felt forced, so I had to step away for a bit."
       Although the frustration left doubts in 2014 she was selected as one of RedBull Sound Select's first Canadians artists. She went on to support acts such as Sza, Kelela, and Tink. The writing hiatus becoming a spark, giving her an entirely new perspective on her life and music.   (below is "Remedy" produced in the spring) 
       Listen to her new song exclusively on Fader.com .....   for the music

R&b/Soul music news for Nov 18, 2015
.......Former OMG Girl Bahja Rodriguez surges on
       Bahja's professional career began at the age of 12 years old as "Miss Beauty" with the popular and colorful girl group the "OMG Girlz." . (managed by TI's wife Tiny Cottle) The group is most known for their songs "Gucci This(Gucci That)," "Where The Boys At," "Baddie" and "Boy It's Over." Dispite their success, in March 2015 the group disbanded.
       Undiscouraged, In April 2015, Bahja released her first song as a solo artist titled "Jealous Type" which has gained over one million sound cloud plays to date.
Her solo EP drops this Friday #ItGetsBetter  check her music below    for more

R&b/Soul music/Multimedia news for Nov 16, 2015
....... R. Kelly hounded by old allegations of child porn issues in NY Magazine interview
       Though it's been seven years since his 2008 acquittal on fourteen counts of child pornography, it seems many have not moved on and R. Kelly continues to have a bit of a dark cloud over his headalthough few will speak publically about it.
       In a recent interview with New York Magazine,brought up those issues again engaging Kelly to go on the defense again of the allegations and rumors that have followed him since the 2002 video that shows a man alleged to be Kelly engaging in sexual acts with a reportedly underaged girl. Below are excerpts of the interview
       Do you have a sexual attraction to underage girls? I ask.
"That's a rumor that comes from the Earth, like all rumors," he says, sounding almost bored.
So it's not true?
"No. It's not true. I love women, period. If I wasn't a celebrity, people wouldn't be saying these things about me."
How do you explain people close to you saying that you have a problem?
"I don't know those people you're talking about."
I clarify: his brother, his ex-publicist, his former friend and longtime personal assistant.
"All those people have been fired by me. If you're going to ask me these questions, you have to make sense out of it. It wasn't until after they got fired that they said these things. Go figure. I got one life, and I don't want to spend it talking about negativity. I've moved on. Maybe you haven't." 

R&B/Soul music news for Nov 14, 2015
.......Stream @Rotimi's new mixtape, 'Royal Wednesday':
Olurotimi Akinosho better known by his stage name, Rotimi, is an American singer-songwriter, actor and model. From 2011 to 2012, he starred as Darius Morrison on the Starz Network original drama series Boss. Rotimi is also the founder and chief executive officer of FrontRoSeat Production .... Soundcloud responder Jourdan Walker says ... I love this song he's my new favorite male singer

R&B/Pop music/Multimedia news for Nov 12, 2015
....... Neneh Cherry's daughter Mabel shares her soulful and seductive debut video "My Boy My Town"
       Neneh Cherry exploded on the scene with her unique style and super hot jam "Buffalo Stance" in 1988, a musical child gaining valuable chops from her step - dad jazz musician Don Cherry... Now Neneh daughter Mabel is ready for the spotlight...
       "My Boy My Town" is the London singer's first video, and here she plays in the shadows, showcasing her moves and getting into a throwback trip-hop/soul groove. It's directed by Bafic, who also recently made a video with Mabel's mom, Neneh Cherry.
       "I wanted to make a video that reflected the honesty and bareness of the track," explained Mabel to The FADER over email. "There are only a few different elements in this video and that's because I didn't want to have anything to hide behind. It's still early days for me so I've still got so much to learn about myself and my capabilities-but with making this video I definitely showed myself that this is where I'm supposed to be."
 for more  .....

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R&b/Soul music news for Nov 3, 2015
.......  New Music: Tiffany Evans - All Me (EP)
       From pre-teen on Showtime at the Apollo and Star Search we've been watching the growth of Tiffany Evas over the last 11 years. On her latest, EP All Me., she describes it as "one of [her] best works to date.
      for more

R&b/Soul/Club music news for Oct. 30, 2015
.......  The Foreign Exchange - Body
The Foreign Exchange is an R&B/electronica/hip hop duo consisting of the American rapper/singer Phonte and the Dutch record producer Nicolay. ... View the Kenneth Price-directed visual

R&b/Soul/Club music news for Oct. 30, 2015
.......  New Music   Monica Monet - Secrets Featuring Bluminati
        the soulful sounds of Monica Monet were influenced by such phenomenon that embodies life, love, heartache and rebirth. ... For the music