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Frank Ocean could face Lawsuit due to Release of "Blonde" album

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WorldBeat music news for Jan 23, 2016

02. J. BALVIN - GINZA (REMIX) ft. Farruko, De La Ghetto, Arcangel, Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Yandel & Zion

UF ... REGGAETON HIT MIX 2016 VOL.2  published Jan 16, 2015

Multimedia news for Jan. 23, 2016
Santana reunites original lineup after 45 years
       Carlos Santana, one of the pioneering Latin rockers in the United States, has reunited with his early band for its first album together in 45 years.
The band announced late Thursday that it would release "Santana IV," which features 16 original songs, on April 15.
       The album is the first with the band's classic lineup since 1971's "Santana III," which topped the US chart with its psychedelic rock feel and prominent guitar solos.
       "Santana IV" will notably mark the return to the band of Neal Schon, who debuted on "Santana III" as a teenage guitar prodigy and later became famous as the frontman of Journey. .
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     Major Lazer - Be Together feat. Wild Belle
"Be Together" is a song recorded by electronic music trio Major Lazer and pop rock band Wild Belle, as the opening track for Major Lazer's third studio album, ..  view the video

      New Music Video :   IAMSU! - Game Time .. We featured the video from Trevor Jackson on Jan 14th, that got an assist from the Bay area MC and now IAMSU is in the spotlight. view"Game Time" video

      New Music Video :   Tone Trump - "PHILASTAN"
 Tone debuts an Official and historical video to compliment his new street smash!.. view the video

Multimedia news for Jan. 21, 2016
Hollywood's Double Standard feeds conservative fodder
       Ultra-conservatives argue that that we should be one society without separatism yet ...Minority actor's have to get stereotyped roles in order to work. 
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Multimedia news for Jan. 21, 2016
Quincy Jones Threatens To Sit Out Oscars Over Lack Of Black Nominees
       'Q' could be the next celebrity to sit out this year's Academy Awards over the exclusion of black nominees in the acting categories unless he gets his 5 minutes his way   ...  for more

Multimedia news for Jan. 21, 2016
Meet Shani
Hilton - Executive News editor of Buzzfeed
        "Overall, it's been a lot of fun to learn about new kinds of journalism, and there are definitely some reporting moments that have stood out more than others. ....  for more

Multimedia news for Jan. 21, 2016
Facebook Built Its Own Game Hub for Live Sports Stats
       Social Media Giant Facebook is creating a game hub for following play-by-play updates, live stats and expert commentary for your favorite teams all inside of Facebook.
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Multimedia news for Jan. 21, 2016
Apple's New Music Memos app Is Your Acoustic Notepad, makes mobile recording easy
       Apple's new Music Memos app lets musicians record musical ideas, with a few special features.
.. in the form of an updated GarageBand and a new app called Music Memos.
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Multimedia news for Jan. 21, 2016
BET Fires Back at Stacey Dash After Her Call to Shut Down Network
       It should be no surprise that Fox News would call on Stacey Dash to stir things up and get their Network in the news.
. .... for more

Multimedia news for Jan. 22, 2016
Eminem's sister-in-law Dawn Scott was found dead on Tuesday from a suspected drug overdose, . She was 41. 
.... Dawn Scott's Death: Read Kimberly Matthers' Heartbreaking Reaction  ... for more

Multimedia news for Jan. 22, 2016
Macklemore calls out Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea on 'White Privilege II'
       .... "Take all we want from black culture, but will we show up for black lives?" his lyrics say.
Miley & Iggy in his crosshairs for profitting on Black Culture     
...... for more

Multimedia news for Jan. 22, 2016
Dame Dash Addresses His Cousin Stacey Dash's Conservative anti BET & Black History rant 
      "..I'm not happy the Dash name is attached to coonism"... for more

Multimedia news for Jan. 22, 2016
......And then there was...
the new Fox hire who may follow in her footsteps
 ,.. Chrystal Wright who appears on where else,... "Fox & Friends" who continued where Dash left off with a new angle, The Democratic party ...... for more

Multimedia news for Jan. 22, 2016
How Stacey Dash landed an acting role as a Black Republican who hates Black people        The Clueless star recently grabbed national headlines by blasting Black History Month, the BET Awards, and the NAACP Awards while on Fox News' "Fox and Friends," The D-List actress was headed for obscurity and she needed a platform,.. Enter Fox News. .. for more

UF ... King Dice - MyDominicaTradeHouse.com [DOMINICA CALYPSO 2016]published Jan 6, 2015

WorldBeat music news for Jan 23, 2016
......A former Junior Calypso Monarch, Dennison "King Dice" Joseph is the youngest and only calypsonian to win four national crowns and five consecutive road march titles in Dominica calypso history. His first win was in 2004 with the songs "Peace Is My Business", dedicated to world leaders, and the second round crowd pleaser "Animal Farm," which compared politicians to various farm animals.  for more

Multimedia news for Jan. 17, 2016
From Immigrant to Vixen to Entrepreneur: Meet the real Rosa Acosta
       She made her video/vixen debut in Drake's July 2009 video "Best I Ever Had". Although not a lead vixen she certainly made an impression.        "I never wanted to be a model and be in music videos, this is not something that I dreamed about.." .... for more

UF ... NESBETH - "MY DREAM" -[2016]- {Official Music Video} Reggae / Dancehall   published Jan 16, 2015

WorldBeat music news for Jan 23, 2016
......Jamaican reggae artist Nesbeth connects to his audiences through joyful, socially-conscious music that tells authentic tales about his life's most inspiring moments and his community's past, present and future. His energetic live shows brighten stages worldwide, and he turns each performance into an intimate platform on which to share his viewpoints and experiences and to spread his free-spirited optimism. Each of his songs illuminates the animated, emotional layers of his resonant voice along with his ability to create striking melodies and improvise on unusual international rhythms..  for more

      New Music Video :   Mr. Vegas "Dancehall Dabb"
International reggae artist Mr Vegas delivers his new dancehall video for his new single "Dancehall Dabb". The start of another dance craze? Seems like everyone has one .. YT responder Deborah Longe says Looks like someones taking music video lessons from Justin Bieber.... Chaz Dumas says "This shit hot!"

UF ... Mr. Vegas - "Dancehall Dabb"]- {Official Music Video} Reggae / Dancehall   published Jan 16, 2015

UF ... Maria Rita - Gran Teatro Nacional de de Lima Peru - 27-Agosto-2015  published Jan 2, 2015

WorldBeat music news for Jan 23, 2016
......Published on Jan 2, 2016
Sao Paulo Brazilian singer Maria Rita - Gran Teatro Nacional de de Lima Peru - 27-Agosto-2015..  for more

orldBeat music news for Dec 2, 2015
......Romeo Santos leads the list of nominees for the 28th annual Premio lo Nuestro Awards with 7 nominations, . ...
...   UF WorldBeat music page for Dec 2015
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